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Ebook Writing Services

Ebooks are a powerful marketing tool for content that can dramatically boost your brand's visibility. However, your ebook's chance of achievement relies heavily on its content, quality, and design. Our ebook writing services can bring your ebook thoughts from amateur to professional with our specialist ebook writer.

High quality, low cost service for eBook Ghost Writing

It has to strike the correct line, whether you want your eBook to be a product in itself or a' goodie' to market your product or service. An eBook writer from Swastik Web Technology has the knowledge and talent to produce substance eBooks. Try our eBook writing service and see your eBook project successfully.

Custom e-book writing with Swastik Web Technology — How it works

Our e-book writing service provides a comprehensive solution to this problem. We take responsibility for the end-to-end process and deliver exactly to your specifications. This is how we work with you to create a product that fully fulfills its goal:

  • You are considering the subject or theme, but not a fully developed eBook plan-no issue! We will help you in the development of a structured content table that will form a strong basis for your eBook.
  • Only after approving the content table will we begin writing and provide you with provisional updates to keep you in contact with your product.
  • The first draft does not need to be the final draft. We give a complete cost-free round of revisions. If you need more, to your satisfaction, we are always there to improve the product.
  • We write eBooks that give readers real value and increase their company in turn.

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Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab Leading Ebook Writing Company !

In Chandigarh, Mohali, Himachal Pradesh and India, Swastik Web Technology offers ebook writing services.

Do you need quality content to support your marketing efforts, or a strategist to help you plan your approach? Speak to us today.

Ebook Writing

Custom eBooks Written on Demand

A quality eBook is a marketing asset that you can use to draw traffic to your website. Capture leads by asking visitors to enter their email address in exchange for a free download of the eBook. Follow up with your leads through email marketing campaigns to get maximum return on your eBook investment.

If you aren’t trying to attract leads with your eBook, make money directly by selling it on Amazon Kindle, eBay, Clickbank, or through other marketing channels. Set up a landing page for your eBook and drive traffic to it from social networks and pay per click advertising. Our low pricing means you can outsource eBook writing and make your money back after just a few sales. Everything after that is pure profit for you. Remember, we transfer all rights to you at the point of purchase, so you are free to use your eBook for any purpose you see fit.

Our eBooks are written by industry experts that will craft content that establishes you as an authority in your space. This includes great research, data, quotes and more.

Authoritative eBooks

Easy to Get Started

We make it easy to tell your writer what you want. Just fill out a simple form and hit go!

Quick Turnaround Time

Writers work quickly and keep writing until your eBook is finished and approved by you.

Get Help with Your Outline

If you have a plan for your eBook, great! Submit it and we’ll start writing.