Website Maintenance

Every good website needs to be maintained as much as visitors do.

When companies develop, grow and change, websites also need to be updated to reflect market trends and keep visitors coming year after year. At Swastik web tech, we understand how important it is to maintain a website, which is why we are a leading website maintenance company in Mehatpur, Himachal, providing support services throughout a website's lifetime. Swastik Web Tech has catered to consumers across the verticals of industry to ensure that their website is updated with fresh content and software.

  • Website Quality Check.
  • HTML & CSS Optimization.
  • Updating Images & Videos

Website Maintenance Service Checklist

Our checklist will convince you!

website designer

Performance Checkup

Our clear maintenance checklist guarantees the best performance of your website. Our integrated CRM system plan all performance monitoring...

website designer maintenance

Fixes and Enhancements

We do regular check-ups and improvements to make your website bug free. By third-party plugins or the core itself, our team takes care...

web develop

Content and Backup

Our maintenance program has the advantage of being able to add, edit and update content as needed. As in the system, we take full backup...


Functionality Check

We check that all forms are working properly and receive inquiry mails. We also search and rectify any broken links on the website...


Tech Support

Our technical support team will constantly update you via our system for managing auto tickets. Our support team also connects as required...


Hack & Virus Proof

The protection systems prevent and protect against hacking, ransomware, and viruses. In any disgraced hack or malware case, the problem...


Some Reasons for Maintaining the Website:

  • To guarantee that the website works properly.
  • Making the site work 24x7 hours.
  • Highly maintainable website structure
  • You get the highest website return.
  • Updating the recent information of the site.
  • Ensure that the website generates adequate traffic.