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We generate new and unique material, i.e. precisely what the client might be looking for. This results in greater customer engagement. Our team is well versed in the distinct writing styles and kinds. Therefore, you get a range of things written in an efficient and tailored way.

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Looking for your website or magazine's creative blog author? With its outstanding and commendable blog writing services, Swastik Web Technology can meet your requirements. For your website, services or product, we deliver quality and creative blog writing services so that it receives the correct exposure and draws enormous traffic.

Writing blogs is an art that requires creativity. A creative mind is needed for an informative and catchy blog. We have a team of extremely skilled and innovative blog authors who can impressively combine creativity and data. They are able to create easy yet captivating blogs that offer the relevant popularity it requires to your company or website.

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Swastik Web Technology provides Newsletter Writing services in Chandigarh, Mohali, Himachal Pradesh and India.

We provide well-written, well-formatted, well-structured, content-rich, qualitative and catering posts for all of your blog's various demands.

We are Blog Writing in Himachal Pradesh Chandigarh, Punjab, India.
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Quality Over Quantity

It’s impossible to rank for any of your search terms through dishonest marketing practices. That includes churning out more blogs than are necessary and inundating your readers with web content they could never hope to consume.

Reader attention spans are dwindling, and average word counts on blog posts are rising – something has to give. The only way to stand out is to produce quality blogs that provide value. We consider this simple customer experience.

Google’s ranking algorithms utilize search signals to determine whether a blog post is well-written, contextually accurate, user-friendly and objectively better than competitors’. It no longer matters how many blogs you post; search visibility is decided based on the moving target of content quality.

At Swastik, we do quality.

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Why Your Blog is Your Brand

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Your customers have more content options than ever, which makes search engine optimization and topical authority paramount to your blog strategy. To outrank competitors, your business blog should follow a few guidelines:

  •   Stay on brand.
  •   Post fresh content but not more than a few times a week.
  •    Write toward specific site visitor personas (not every reader is a buyer).
  •    Understand the commercial value of each visitor.
  •    Have clear calls to action.
  •   Include custom illustrations and videos.
  •   Optimize for social sharing.
  •   Update older posts and top-performing posts.
  •   Be 100% relevant to users.

Because blogs are often the first touchpoint with prospects, you have only one opportunity to make the interaction count. Your blog is your brand.

The goal of our content writing services is to propel your brand to the forefront of your industry one blog post at a time.

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Blogging as a Strategy

It’s not enough to simply have a writer produce blogs. A true content marketing strategy comprises a variety of asset types, distribution channels and promotion efforts.

We use blogs as part of a comprehensive approach to marketing ROI, and you should too. This involves turning gated assets into blog posts, collaborating with social influencers, embedding rich media like custom graphics and videos into all content, sending out email newsletters, inviting real-time feedback from readers and much, much more.

That’s what quality is.