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VB.NET Industrial Training

Visual Basic. Net was developed by Microsoft as a dynamic object-oriented programming language. Sure, the popularity of VB.Net has been small for some years, but it resurged again in 2018. Many developers still use this because of its easy learning curve. Want to learn this simple yet powerful language? Enroll now in Swastik which offers VB .Net Certification Training in India.

VB.NET is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be regarded as a classic Visual Basic ev-olution, implemented under the. NET Framework. Microsoft is presently supplying two versions of Visual Basic IDEs: MS Visual Studio 2010, which is commercial software and Visual Basic Express Edition 2010, which is free. The compiler of the command line, VBC.EX.

VB .Net Course Include :

Prerequisites : Knowledge of C,C++,HTML,CSS,Javascript,AJAX,jquery and SQL/PLSQL
Course : Functional VB .NET
Duration : 6-Weeks Including Project
Per-Day : 1-Hr.Instructer Guidance+Practical+Home Assignments
Time Slot: Your Preference according to availability

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Swastik Web Technology provides Industrial Training Chandigarh, Mohali, Himachal Pradesh and India.

This course offers a comprehensive coverage of C #programming linguistic characteristics such as object-oriented programming, heritage, interfaces, exception handling, reflection, standard I / O programming, file handling, generics. Industrial Training Chandigarh

Training Components Include :

  • Getting started with VB .NET
  • Write Your first code
  • Conditional logic
  • Adding menus to form
  • Debugging your code
  • Mastering Arrays
  • String Manipulation
  • Working With Text Files
  • Function and Substring
  • Classes and Objects
  • and Databases
  • and Forms Industrial Training