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The MLM industry employs a variety of strategies and concepts to sell products or services through collaborative efforts. Swastik Web Technology India has a core team of MLM consultants, web designers, software developers, support staff, and software testers with years of experience in MLM Software consultancy, design, and development to approach domestic and international MLM networkers and customers. The team is prepared to incorporate your suggestions and new MLM concepts into MLM software.
Our MLM consultant team can also help you analyse your MLM plan so that your MLM business can make a lot of money. In today's market, there are various types of MLM Business Plans in operation in the MLM industry, as follows, with some of these Business Plans listed below:

Express MLM Software

MLM Binary Plan

The MLM Binary Plan is the first choice of most MLM business personnel or MLM companies because it is a simple and evergreen MLM plan that is simple enough for the comman person to understand. MLM Binary Plans can be 1:1 or 2:1, in which a distributor can recruit two new distributors on either his left or right side and grow additional sub-trees on both sides. You can contact us for a free MLM Binary Software Demo to test the functionality of the best Binary MLM Software introduced by MLM Software India...Read more about Binary MLM Plan

Gift Plan/ Help Plan/ Donation Plan

The Donation/Help/Gift Plan is the most recent business plan in the network marketing industry. Gift someone in order to receive many gifts from others. The MLM Donation Plan is the most popular in the international multi-level market, and networkers from all over the world are making a lot of money with it. This MLM scheme is also known as the Money Order MLM scheme...Read more about Donation MLM Plan

Prime MLM Software
Deluxe MLM Software

Matrix MLM Business Plan

In the direct selling business, the MLM Matrix Plan, also known as the Forced Matrix Plan, an MLM leader can recruit a limited number of members in width and depth. The Matrix Plan is the most popular in the MLM industry, both in the domestic and international markets...Read more about Matrix MLM Plan

Uni-level Plan

The Uni-level MLM Plan is the most basic MLM plan for multi-level marketing businesses. Every promoter in this MLM Uni-Level Plan recruits new comers in their own frontline in an unlimited width. The promoter or sponsor is compensated up to a certain level. Furthermore, newcomers make efforts to increase their frontlines and benefit.
The MLM Uni-Level Plan can be made more appealing by instituting MLM rewards for a certain number of new comers introduced by a promoter...Read more about Uni-level MLM Plan

Exclusive MLM Software
Exclusive MLM Software

Board Plan

A large number of domestic and international multi-level marketing companies have adopted the MLM Board Plan. This board plan also benefited MLM customers, who earned a lot of money.
The MLM Board Plan is also known as the Revolving Matrix Plan because members work in groups (Board). When a board has a fixed number of members, it divides into two sub-boards, with the top one member promoted to the next higher level board and benefiting from some incentive or compensation...Read more about Board MLM Plan

Generation Plan

Generation MLM Business Plan is a profit sharing based mlm plan that allows mlm companies to save money on traditional advertising programmes such as TV, newspapers, radio, and other media sources...Read more about Generation MLM Plan

Exclusive MLM Software
Exclusive MLM Software

Stair Step Plan

The MLM Stair Step Plan is a team effort with each member assigned a designation and a set target for the sale of products and services. When a down-line member sells a product or service, a percentage of the sale is distributed to up-lines as well. This self and group sale points are credited to an individual account, and when a member meets his or her target points or sales, the member is promoted to the next higher step, and incentives are awarded to the achiever...Read more about Stair Step MLM Plan

Australian Binary Plan

Many multi-level marketing companies use the MLM Australian Binary Plan, which is the most effective MLM Plan. In this Australian Binary MLM Plan, every introducer needs at least three members as their front downline and is compensated by third downline recruits; no matching pairs are required to benefit...Read more about Australian Binary Plan MLM Plan

Exclusive MLM Software