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Board Level MLM Software

Swastik Web Technology introduces the Board Plan MLM Software, also known as Revolving Matrix Plan Software. Board MLM software is developed in accordance with the MLM company's philosophy and plan. There are several types of Board MLM plans with diverse structures, such as board plans with 7 (seven) leaders, 15 (fifteen) leaders, or more. The Board Plan MLM Software automatically maintains all boards and moves leaders from lower to higher or upper boards when they present new joiners on their down line in the original board. Swastik Web Technology India's professional MLM software development team has years of expertise developing best-featured Board MLM plan software and constantly integrates new features and facilities into the Board Plan MLM Software. Simply submit a request for a free Board Plan MLM Software demo on our website to verify all of the features and qualities of the Board MLM plan software.

Board Level MLM Software Includes:

  • Website design for Dynamic Board Plan as requested by the client or MLM firm.
  • MLM companies can manage, view, and analyse their board plan structure or network using the admin or administration penalty.
  • User-friendly clients or MLM leaders are penalised with various types of diagrammatically presented boards and down line data.

Best Board Level MLM Software features or qualities

  • Customized Planning

    MLM Software India creates customised finest Board Plan MLM Software solutions and designs board forms based on the needs or requirements of the client.

  • Auto Board Break

    The auto board break feature and views with distinct colours of different qualified boards are two of the best features of Board MLM plan software.

  • E-Wallet Funds

    MLM leaders can use their e-Wallet funds to produce e-Pins to welcome new MLM leaders to their boards. All transactions into e-Pin boxes and e-Wallets are managed by MLM Board Plan Software.

  • Complete Accuracy

    MLM Software India guarantees complete accuracy in Board MLM plan software.

  • Easy Management

    The MLM Board Plan Software is simple to use, explore, and comprehend. As a result, a newly recruited MLM leader or customer may quickly manage their MLM board structure with the help of this user-friendly web-based MLM Board Software.

  • Variety Of Reports

    The quality Board Plan MLM Software includes a variety of analytical and informative reports needed to oversee all aspects of the MLM Board Plan operation.

  • Other

    Other customised reports and forms are also integrated into the Board MLM plan software as needed to operate the MLM Board plan.