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MLM Board Plan

As an MLM Board plan, a group of individuals work in a team called the Board, and when the board reaches a certain number of members determined by the organisation, the board splits into two sub-boards or trees. The top one member is promoted to the next higher board and receives remuneration for qualifying. In MLM terminology, the corporation can decide how many promotional boards to introduce and how many members can be on each board. A board of directors typically consists of 7 to 15 members. Several Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organisations use this board plan concept and have had significant success in the MLM business market. MLM Board plan is one of the most popular MLM plans. This MLM board strategy is often referred to as the Matrix Cycle or the Revolving Matrix MLM Plan.
Swastik Web Technology India also offers bespoke MLM board plan software, in which we will tailor the size of the board, compensation, and other aspects to your MLM business model.

Type of MLM Board Plan:

  • Cross Matrix MLM Board Strategy
  • MLM Board Plan with Unlimited Income
  • Recycle Entry MLM Board Strategy
  • MLM Board Plan for Auto Promotion
  • MLM Board Splitting Plan