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MLM Donation or Gift MLM Software in india

Donation or Help MLM Software

The MLM sector is currently working on a newly introduced concept or plan known as Support/ Gift or Donation MLM, in which one MLM leader sends help to others in the form of a gift. Swastik Web Technology India launched the greatest Assistance or Donation or Gift MLM Software solution, which included all of the features and functionalities required to operate a help or donation MLM business plan. Our MLM programme for Gift or Donation forwards links in two ways. One is a manual help link, while the other is an auto help or contribution link forwarding service.
Simply submit a request Swastik Web Technology India to acquire the most recent and powerful Help or Donation Gift MLM Software online by submitting a fast request through our website to see all of the features and capabilities of Gift or donation MLM Software.

Donation or Help MLM Software Includes:

  • The most recent and dynamic website for a Gift or Donation MLM plan as specified by the MLM business enterprise.
  • Gift or Donation MLM software that manages, controls, and analyses all activities conducted in the help or donation MLM plan.
  • Assistance or Donation MLM software contains data representation diagrams to help you readily analyse business growth.
  • All MLM leaders or customers can monitor and complete their help or donation transaction online using the user or client penalty.

Best Donation or Help MLM Software features or qualities

  • High Quality Plans

    MLM Software India creates high-quality, feature-rich, and international-looking websites for MLM donation/gift/help plans.

  • Auto or Manual Assistance

    As required by the customer or MLM companies, auto or manual assistance or donation/gift link forwarding is available.

  • Help and Contribution

    Help or contribution links provide complete administrative controls.

  • Online Payment

    Integration of an online payment mechanism to receive or send help or donations into the help or donation MLM software.

  • E-wallet

    Integration of an e-wallet to manage all transactions of funds or payments required to manage financial transfers.

  • E-Pin Box

    E-Pin box is also integrated into the help or gift/donation MLM software for new members joining the help or donation MLM software.

  • Other

    Diagrammatic illustration of the MLM system of all MLM leaders' downlines.