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RD-FD Software in India - A Mini Banking Software

RD (Recurring Deposit) and FD (Fixed Deposit) Institutions are those that accept deposits and make loans.
In RD (Recurring Deposit), people deposit money into institutions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and after a certain period of time, the money is returned to the depositor with interest.
In an FD (Fixed Deposit), a person deposits a sum of money for a set length of time, say five years. After five years, the FD matured and returned with interest.

Why do Financial Firms require RD-FD Management Software?

An institution can create an RD FD business and oversee all deposit operations. All of these transactions, due instalments of RD, maturity dates of RD and FD, and other administrative chores cannot be managed manually.

Swastik Web Technology India provides RD FD Software to manage all types of transactions in this regard, and it includes the following features:
  • Simple RD/FD management system
  • Penalty calculation
  • RD installment due
  • Easy to deposit Installment
  • Important Reports of RD and FD
  • Maturity list
  • Upcoming due installment of RD
  • Bond printing for Fixed Deposit
  • Receipt print for RD FD deposits
  • All required reports to manage RD FD transactions and many more