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Stair Step MLM Software

Stair Step MLM software is a primary need or requirement of direct selling multilevel marketing companies that introduce product and service sales targets for their MLM leaders or networkers and promote them upon achievement of the target to manage, control, and analyse all the ups and downs in their MLM business. Swastik Web Technology has released its best and most unique web-based software solution for multi-level marketing companies looking to start a Stair Step MLM plan. The Stair Step MLM software manages all transactions, purchase volumes, MLM leader promotion, down line sales and repurchase, franchise or branch management, MLM leaders network structure, financial transactions, e-Pin and e-wallet management, inventory or stock management, and many other customised reports and web forms required to control and analyse a Stair Step MLM business industry automatically.
To test and validate all of the functions and features of MLM Stair Step MLM Software, please send us an enquiry for a free MLM Stair Step MLM Software demo.

Stair Step MLM Software Components:

  • Website for online web application of Stair Step MLM Software created to customer specifications, with different dynamic features managed via Stair Step MLM Software admin penal.
  • Stair Step MLM Software's Admin or Administration Panel offers all of the necessary tools and components to control all of the operations and transactions conducted by MLM leaders, consumers, or clients.
  • The admin or control penal of Stair Step MLM Software offers all of the necessary customizable and analytical reports via which multilevel marketing businesses controlling authorities can examine and manage all transactions conducted by the leaders or customers of MLM Stair Step business.
  • Users or MLM Leaders are penalised by Stair Step MLM Software, which includes a purchasing function, promotions of MLM leaders and customers, down line status of MLM leaders, and other customizable dashboard, reports, and forms needed to display genealogical facts and information to users or leaders.

Best Stair Step MLM Software features or qualities

  • Franchise

    One of the most appealing features of Stair Step MLM Program is the incorporation of franchise or branch management within the web-based software.

  • Promotion

    The Stair Step MLM Software automatically promotes MLM leaders who have the highest purchasing ratio of items and services.

  • Facts

    Pictorial display of genealogical facts for administration and MLM leaders.

  • E-Wallet & E-Pin

    E-wallet and E-pin transaction reports are also included into Stair Step MLM Software's admin penal and user or client penal.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment gateway integration into Stair Step MLM Software for online purchases of items and services.

  • Others

    Other specialised instructive and analytical reports required by the MLM or direct selling enterprise.